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ETA (Easy To Assemble)

Quick set up and time saving disply.
Ideal for display of photograph / literature for exhibitions / seminars / conferences / shop windows etc.
Four panels each 550 x 800 mm; flannel-covered display on both sides to give huge 1500 x 2100 mm display area; two shelves provided for placing product literature / give-aways etc.
System pack in carry case 850 x 650 x 150 mm; weight just 34 kgs.
Optional extras : clamped lighting fixtures, name board, flowerpot boxes.
Panel also available in nylon flock-covers for using velcro-atatched panels.

Stanzy Display System

Free standing display system.
Open out accordion-style and place on the floor
Two 900 x 900 mm display panels mounted on hinge joints aluminium square pipe-frames of size 1800 x 900 mm
Also available are fully covered 1800 x 900 mm display systems weighing 18 kgs.
Clamped lighting fixtures at extra cost.


Top quality, prestigious display.
Modular system.
Can be assembled in minutes.
Easy-to-attach graphic panels.
Reusable & Cost Effective.
Low transport volume / weight.
Environment friendly.

Banner Max

The easy to use frame and display system for any occasion i.e exhibition, shows, conferences, sales meet, etc.
It is simple to work with, assembles without any tools and you can expand your system as your need changes.
It is lightweight, easy to transport and stores in convenient shapes.
Available in many appealing colours.
It is economical compared to other more limited display systems.
It is versatile and leaves a lot of room for your own creative ideas to enhance all of your informational message.

Flexi Frame Display System

With flexiframe display system you can highlight your services, intensify drive-through notices for maximum visibility, showcase special offers or create attractive window display.
Light box flexiframe display system can make your product really sizzle with excellent transparencies in a gleaming light-box. It will make your sales sparkle.